The Plan

There are two goals for this charter challenge: 

1. To have the Supreme Court rule that our current voting system contravenes the Charter

2. To have the Supreme Court order the government to adopt a voting system that complies with the Charter

Any charter challenge has four main steps:

1. Preparing the initial filing

2. The first hearing

3. The first appeal

4. A final appeal to the Supreme Court


Retaining Counsel and Public Outreach - $75,000 goal 

We are currently accepting donations to retain legal counsel and initiate a national-scale public awareness and fundraising campaign. Once we reach the goal, we will retain legal counsel. They'll get to work building the case against the first-past-the-post voting system, while we continue to do public outreach to build awareness about this challenge. We'll work with legal counsel to develop the best strategy for the case.

The goal at this stage is to raise $75,000. Can you pitch in at this stage

Initial Filing and First Hearing - $150,000 goal

Once that work is done, we'll come back to you to ask for another contribution that will support the legal costs of the initial filing, pre-hearing motions, a first hearing in a provincial court, and our continued work to oversee and keep in communication with you about the case. 

First Appeal  

After the initial hearing, the costs of the case will depend on what the courts decide.  If we win, government lawyers will almost certainly move to appeal that ruling. If we lose, our lawyers will move to appeal that ruling. Either way, we need to be prepared to fight for voters' rights at the appeals court.

Final Appeal to Supreme Court

The final appeal to the Supreme Court is dependent on the Supreme Court's willingness to hear the case. The costs at both the appeals court, and the Supreme Court will be easier to predict once we have gone through the initial hearing stage. 


Donate to support the Charter Challenge 

This project is a collaboration between Springtide and Fair Voting BC.


Step 1 - Raise Money

Step 2 - Prepare Initial Filing

Step 3 - Initial Filing

Step 4 - Wait for first hearing

Step 5 - First hearing

Step 6 - Prepare for first appeal

Step 7 - First appeal

Step 8 - Prepare for Final Appeal

Step 9 - Final Appeal to Supreme Court

Step 10 - Await Supreme Court Decision