* Total reflects processed donations only. Donations made from this page are processed immediately, however some donations (e.g. cheque, e-transfer, paypal) are processed manually and there can be a delay (of up to 1 - 2 weeks) before they will be added to this total.

All donations to the Charter Challenge for Fair Voting are made to the Springtide Collective for Democracy Society - P.O. BOX 40003| Robie Street PO | Halifax, NS Canada | B3K 0E4 | 902.989.3668

Springtide is a registered Canadian charity. Our CRA charitable registration number is 838267136RR0001. For more on charitable giving in Canada, see canada.ca/charities-giving

Contact us: [email protected]

In the event that the fundraising goal is not met, Springtide (the recipient charity of all donations) retains the right to hold the funds collected for use in a future case, or alternatively, to create educational programming and resources for teaching and learning about electoral reform in Canada, or other charitable purposes as Springtide sees fit.