Would a favourable decision mean electoral reform in time for the next (2019) federal election?


It is highly unlikely a final decision would be reached by that point in time. The court case itself will take 2 - 4 years to reach the Supreme Court. If the court does rule in favour of our case, they will likely set a timeline for the government to legislate a new voting system that does not contravene the charter. A best-case scenario would likely result in a new voting system in place for the election following the expected 2019 election.

This project is a collaboration between Springtide and Fair Voting BC.


Step 1 - Raise Money

Step 2 - Prepare Initial Filing

Step 3 - Initial Filing

Step 4 - Wait for first hearing

Step 5 - First hearing

Step 6 - Prepare for first appeal

Step 7 - First appeal

Step 8 - Prepare for Final Appeal

Step 9 - Final Appeal to Supreme Court

Step 10 - Await Supreme Court Decision